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Modern sales

Our marketing and sales activities are part of a professional distribution system. But we are not satisfied simply to sell your work. Above all, we want to ensure that your research results capture the attention of the targeted professional public.

At a glance

  • our own in-house Online-Shop, with free delivery throughout Germany
  • collaborations with renowned publishing houses in Germany and abroad
  • extensive print and online marketing activities
  • distribution and marketing of English language titles via a (US) American marketing partner
  • global visibility and availability through the Nomos eLibrary and other electronic platforms

Our services

We bring your book to your audience! Our marketing efforts introduce your book to the scientific community. But we also help ensure that your results move beyond the boundaries of scientific discourse to find their way into the hands – and awareness – of practitioners.

Marketing represents a substantial part of the work of our publishing house. You benefit from having your work embedded in the publication program of a renowned scientific publisher and from the fact that most of our authors remain with us for the long term.

And, as one of our authors, you receive a generous discount on everything in our entire program – books, magazines, and electronic publications.

Print and online advertising

Naturally, your work benefits from the traditional advertising and marketing expertise of a renowned scientific publishing house. Here are a few points worth mentioning:

  • The quarterly preview, sent out every three months to a distribution list containing more than 10,000 addresses
  • advertising flyers dedicated to your book, along with publication series leaflets, which we can also send in targeted fashion to potential readers among the scientific community and the community of practitioners
  • announcements in trade journals
  • presentation of your work in book displays at trade conventions and conferences
  • newsletters about specific thematic areas or special events
  • distribution of review inquiries and review copies.

Databases and the Nomos eLibrary

Our entire publication catalog is integrated into all the relevant electronic databases and search engines. This includes scientific databases, library catalogues, and the online catalogues of book dealers.

Our books are easy to find on our publishing portal, where interested parties can browse your work’s table of contents, read selected passages, or look at reviews of your work that have been published in magazines. Naturally, our informative text about your work is also available there.

Our Nomos eLibrary also furthers the distribution of your work. It gives libraries and individual users access to the electronic version and, via the route of Internet searches, contributes substantially to the global visibility of your research results. In this way, potential readers can gain a first impression of the content of your work, despite the fact that gaining full access is generally only possible against payment.

Domestic and Foreign distribution partnerships

Distribution partnerships with renowned publishers in Germany and abroad make your work more visible across the boundaries of both geography and scientific discipline. Our partners include Hart Publishing, Bloomsbury Publishing and Ashgate, who are headquartered in Great Britain and have global distribution networks. Our joint efforts with acknowledged specialists in the USA and India help us more effectively distribute English-language titles in North America and Southeast Asia. We also cooperate with numerous other publishing houses in the German-speaking world, as well as in Italy, Greece, and Belgium.

Your contact persons for marketing

Marketing for law

Sophia Knobloch
Tel. 07221 / 2104-813

Marketing for social sciences and the humanities

Cora Ditzel (Social sciences and humanities)
Tel. 07221 / 2104-818

Your contact person for media, public relations, and book reviews

Caroline Häuser
Tel. 07221 / 2104-808

Your contact persons for the eLibrary

Michael Buchmann
Tel. 07221 / 2104-807

Annika Stenzel
Tel. 07221 / 2104-809

New publications

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