Professional guidance

Professional Guidance

We provide you with advice and detailed information throughout the entire publication process. In particular, we offer information about:

  • choice of the right publication series,
  • costs and funding opportunities,
  • language editing,
  • the production process, and
  • our marketing efforts for your book.

The selection process

To maintain the high quality standards of our publication program, only dissertations that have received at least magna cum laude honors are considered for final inclusion.

After reviewing the evaluations of your work, we decide together which publication series would provide the best fit. We then forward the necessary documentation to the editors of the series, who make their decision about whether to include it via a peer review process.

This elaborate procedure ensures that we issue only particularly worthy dissertations – and underscores the fact that the inclusion of a work in our program represents a further validation of its quality.

The publishing contract

Once your work has been accepted for inclusion in a publication series, we conclude a publishing contract with you. After this step has been taken, you can apply for preliminary accreditation within most faculties.


Scientific publications generally require publication allowances, which are also referred to as “printing cost subsidies”. In point of fact, the combination of the small print runs and the high quality of the production process frequently results in the need for a certain amount of financing.

For renowned scientific publishers such as Nomos, however, another circumstance plays an even greater role: although our extensive marketing and distribution efforts are indeed designed to increase sales revenues, it is much more important that they bring the works we issue to the attention of potential readers. Our goal here is to ensure that these books are actually noticed and sought out by their intended audience, instead of merely sitting on the shelves of libraries. This represents an essential service for our authors.

The scope of this service is largely unaffected by whether a work appears in printed form or as an electronic publication. For e-books and online offerings, we are not satisfied merely to place the contents somewhere on the Web and then wait until a search engine happens to find it. Here too, we use traditional marketing instruments and also seek to establish the broadest possible network of linkages to other sources touching upon the same theme.

Funding opportunities

All our authors based in Germany have the chance to register with the copyright collective VG Wort. This copyright collecting agency disburses considerable sums of money to academics every year and reassesses who will receive its funding annually. You will find more Information on such financial support on VG WORT's website (

There are lots of other institutions in Germany which support academic publications with subsidies and grants, such as the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). German institutions which promote and sponsor the intellectually gifted are of vital importance in this regard. In addition to the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes), Germany's largest political parties, trade unions and religious denominations preside over scholarship foundations. The information about the scholarship database on and about the Association of German Foundations (Bundesverband deutscher Stiftungen) on provide a good overview of where and how scholarships can be obtained. 

Finally, there are numerous other foundations, associations and prizes which are awarded to those who fulfil the respective criteria. Most university faculties will be able to inform their graduates about scholarship programmes that are worth considering, and we will support you as much as possible in applying to them.

Publishing in English

English texts already account for 10 percent of our publication program. Moreover, with increasing frequency, dissertations, habilitations, and other monographs are being composed originally in English – especially those dealing with fundamental questions or international issues. The same holds true for magazines and anthologies directed toward an international audience. Not least for this reason, we have set up the Nomos eLibrary to be thoroughly bi-lingual.

Nomos has marketing partnerships in many English-speaking countries – including publishers in Great Britain – who, in turn, have their own global marketing networks. Our partners, for example, Hart Publishing and Bloomsbury Publishing, incorporate selected titles from Nomos Publishing into their own programs. In this way, they help make the research results of our authors more widely known and more easily accessible.

"Academic Publishing" brochure

You will also find all the important information in our “Academic Publishing” brochure.

New publications

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